8 Modules - 8 Weeks - Certification

Our 8 modular program combines theory with hands on work on projects and  is based on ESR´s signature research methodology outlined in our U.S. bestseller: Secrets of the Executive Search Experts. Our 8 week program is considered the markets most comprehensive research program, and  is taught by our senior management at ESR, who work each day themselves applying the same success principles when conducting assignments for our clients. After successful completion of the 8 module program, there is an opportunity to  participate in the quarterly intensive advance training sessions that are conducted.

In addition to all internal ESR members, who have undertaken the Research Academy in Los Angeles, many of the market´s top headhunting firms, both their consultants and research teams are also trained at our research lab. The attendees passing the final case studies and exams become official "certified" Executive Search Researchers. 


Please contact us to check for class schedule and availability