For consultants in HR/ Recruitment, which provides services that are complimentary to ESR´s short list service we are expanding our partner/affiliate network in the U.S. 

There is a strong financial revenue upside for ESR´s partners

The two-stream model for ESR´s partners/affiliates: 

  1. Financial upside from the referrals provided to ESR, which results in us conducting our short-list service, with repeat revenue stream (high potential passive income) for you from the leads you generate.
  2. Financial upside on referrals from ESR resulting in increased business for your company. 

Our goal is that our clients get all the services within recruitment and HR that they need

Since ESR´s inception in 1997, our focus has been to mainly provide to our HR clients the short list service of top talent (semi-search), where they themselves conduct the last part of the recruitment process.  Our clients, however, often need additional requirements that are beyond our short list service and we always seek to recommend one of our preferred partners/affiliates. 

If, for example one of our clients request a full-service headhunter to handle the entire recruitment process, we will suggest one of the over 50 excellent executive search clients we already work for.  The same goes when our HR clients have other specific needs ranging from strategic HR, to assessment companies which can conduct the final tests/assessment of candidates.


For all partners/affiliates we offer our service of participating or conducting  sales/presentation meetings.


We provide for our partners on-going support service of guidance for the full lifecycle of the referral process. 


For all partners/affiliates we offer a session in product training of our semi-search service 


If you are interested in learning more about ESR´s preferred partner/affiliate program in the U.S. we would love to hear from you!