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Executive Search Research (ESR) aims to process your personal data in a lawful and secure manner. Our “processing” of personal data may involve things such as collecting data capable of identifying you directly or indirectly, storing/registering data about you, collating such data and sharing such data with third parties when there is a basis for doing so.

This privacy statement is designed to help you as a customer, supplier, candidate or visitor to our website to understand what personal data we collect and process. The statement applies to Executive Search Research in Europe and the U.S. collectively referred to as “ESR”.

ESR functions as a controller with respect to the processing of personal data linked to its customers, candidates, partners and suppliers. In its capacity as controller, ESR has responsibilities and duties under the Personal Data Act. We perform the role of controller in relation to:

  • all personal data we collect in the course of your interaction with us in your role as a customer and/or candidate
  • personal data linked to candidates and  potential candidates who accept storage in our systems after the completion of a recruitment process
  • visitors to our website

ESR functions as a processor with respect to its own processing of personal data in connection with recruitment or evaluation on behalf of a customer. We enter into processor agreements with all partners that process personal data on our behalf. Moreover, when we act as the processor in an assignment for a customer, we enter into sub-contractor agreements corresponding to our processor agreement with the customer.


ESR uses cookies. By using our website, you agree that we may store cookies in your browser. Cookies are a standard internet technology used by most websites. A cookie is stored in your browser’s internal memory and gives us deeper insight into how you use our website. In the longer term, we use this insight to offer you a better experience the next time you visit the site.

Most newer browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. are set up to accept cookies by default. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you will have to change your browser settings. Please note that such changes may in many cases cause websites to function sub-optimally.

On our website, we use the following cookies for the following purposes:

Source: Google Analytics

Purpose: To collect data on visitors’ use of the website. We use these data to generate reports for use in improvement of the site. The cookies anonymise all data. In other words, the data only indicate the number of visitors to the site, where visitors come from and what pages they visit.

Cookies Google: _ga, _gat, _gid Read more about the different cookies and their functions on Google’s website.



When you contact us as a customer (by sending an enquiry to info@esr.global or directly to one of our employees), you will probably state a contact person/name, email address and telephone number. This data is stored in our databases to facilitate our communications with you. We register necessary information about the services you have asked about/used and your use of these. We only store personal data for the purpose of communicating with you and giving you the best possible customer experience.


We register the name, email address and telephone number of every partner/supplier contact person. We also register necessary information about the contractual relationship and any contract follow-up measures.


When you are registered as a candidate, this usually occurs in one way:

  • When we contact you in the course of an active candidate search.

We do not accept general applicants. When we contact potential candidates for a recruitment we will ask from candidate  contact information (name, address, email address, telephone number) and CV. These data are stored in our databases for the purposes of further processing and dialogue with you. Corresponding data are stored when we contact you in the course of an active candidate search. When we register you as a candidate for a particular recruitment, it is because you have been approached by us for a particular position, for which you have informed us you would like to learn more about. We then in regards to the particular position, which candidate is interested in exploring further register necessary such as “candidate status”  and notes and other documentation directly relating to the recruitment. 

Potential candidates:

In regards to specific positions we are working on we register data linked to potential candidates on our own initiative. We usually obtain such data through searches of openly accessible online sources. We only register necessary information about persons registered as potential candidates. Often, the registered data consist of a CV you yourself have made available on LinkedIn or similar services. We will also register your email address and telephone number, if available. Such registration is based on what is referred to as “legitimate interests” (see GDPR Article 6(f)). We proceed on the basis that you have given “consent” to the storage and use of your personal data for recruitment purposes in accordance with GDPR Article 6 in your capacity as a candidate in the present or a previous recruitment process.

ESR sometimes carries out customer and candidate surveys. Participation in such surveys is voluntary, and results are anonymised .

Website visitors:

We use data about you to optimise and personalise the user experience through individualised content display and the quickest possible loading of pages. You can specify whether you wish to accept local storage of data in your browser settings. You can normally decide whether to accept storage of cookies from visited websites and third parties affiliated with such websites, and whether you wish to be notified every time a new cookie is stored. The exact process depends on your device and which browser you use. If you choose to deactivate local data storage, you may have to log in every time you wish to use one of ESR’s services.

ESR uses software to collect data on how our services are used. We use Google Analytics to register visitor numbers, pages visited, visit duration and similar information.

User and traffic statistics are generally used and applied in aggregated form, meaning that the statistics do not contain any data that can be linked directly to you as an identified individual.


We process personal data to the extent necessary to fulfill agreements with our customers. We also process personal data to document our work and, when a candidate has consented, for use in future recruitment processes. When performing recruitment assignments, we share personal data with our customers. This is regulated by an agreement in which ESR is defined as the processor and the customer as the controller.

ESR does not share, sell or otherwise pass on personal data except as described in this privacy statement. ESR does not store data for longer than necessary to fulfill of the purpose of processing and comply with statutory obligations.


If you have an active customer relationship with ESR, we may send you information and marketing materials. In such cases, we will use your registered email address or other electronic means of communication. ESR complies with the Marketing Control Act in connection with all such activities.

If you do not have an active customer relationship with us, we will only send you such marketing materials with your explicit informed consent.


Request for Access

You may contact us to request access to registered personal data, descriptions of the types of data processed and further information on how we process data. We are required to provide this information in writing, and electronically if the request is submitted electronically. In some cases, exceptions may be made to the right of access, for example if data are contained only in documents prepared for internal case processing and an exception to the right of access is necessary to ensure proper case processing.

Rectification of data

You have a right to have personal data rectified, for example if we have registered incorrect or incomplete data related to you. You are also entitled to request the erasure of your data when they are no longer needed for the purpose for which they were collected, or because you are withdrawing your consent to their being processed. We do not have a duty to erase data if a need remains to process these for the intended purpose (for example an ongoing recruitment process). The same applies if we still need the data to comply with a legal obligation or to establish, assert or defend a legal claim.

You may request that the processing of your personal data be restricted. This may be relevant in the following cases:

  • If you consider that the data processed in relation to you are incorrect or that processing is unlawful, but you do not want the data to be erased.
  • You need the data to establish, assert or defend a legal claim.
  • You have objected to the processing of the data.

If the processing of your personal data is based on our legitimate interests or the data are being used for the purposes of direct marketing and profile-building in connection with such marketing, you are entitled to object to such processing.

Data portability

Finally, you are entitled to data portability in certain cases. This means that you are entitled to have personal data you have provided to us delivered to you in a simple, machine-readable format. All data portability claims must be recorded in writing. Delivery is made through automated processes. You may also request the direct transfer of such data to another controller, if technically possible.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about ESR, our processing of personal data or our privacy statement, using one of the following addresses:

Email: info@esr.global

Postal address:

Executive Search Research 

8491 Sunset Blvd., #539 

Los Angeles, CA 90069 



ESR will update its privacy statement continuously to ensure compliance with applicable rules. An electronic copy of the privacy statement will be made available on our website at all times.