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"I have worked together with Christian and ESR on several different positions in the consulting industry. They have provided high-quality candidates, in a short amount of time, that we have hired. Christian is professional in his communication, and follows up closely during the entire process, as are the candidates. I strongly recommend Christian and ESR, and look forward to further cooperation."

      - Maja Bakken, HR Senior Consultant, Deloitte

"I have used services from ESR several times when Microsoft needed to build an external talent pool for a role, ending with a list of 5-10 names that we would work on ourselves to select the final candidate. I like the methodical work applied in the process, as it gives predictable results both in terms of quality of candidates, and in time to deliver."

    - Bjorn Hopland, Strategy Execution/Global HR Operations Manager, Microsoft

"I have worked with Christin and ESR on two occasions. She is very professional, on time, and has provided high quality candidates. The service provided during the process has been excellent and I highly recommend Christin as a consultant for high talent  search and research."

    - Knut Dolmen, Country HR Manager, Baker Hughes

"I have been very impressed working with ESR. I am not certain how they do it, but they are very thorough in understanding the profile we are looking for and deliver at an incredible speed - just days after discussing profile they are already serving up a list of excellent candidates. They also are very professional and pro-actively follow up - we felt very well taken care of. The speed, the quality, and the follow up have been absolutely first class, and we will certainly continue with Christian and ESR going forward."

  - Wesley Caple, Managing Director, Siemens

"We hired Christin Tellefsen as a recruiter to identify and screen candidates for our consulting services practice. Christin performed this assignment very professionally and with high quality. I will absolutely consider to hire her again when in need of recruitment services."

   - Karl Thomas Reinertsen, CEO, Capgemini Consulting

"I have hired Christin as a Recruiter on several occasions in my previous jobs as HR Director/HR Manager for Alstom and  Ruukki. When a position was hard to fill, Christin always managed to find the right candidates. Christin has the competencies you want from a Recruiter. She always finds the right candidates, delivers on time and follows up tightly throughout the whole process. She has also proved that she can find a wide range of candidates from various professions. I strongly recommend ESR and Christin for her professional, positive and quick response."

  - Elin Sagbraten, Human Resources Director, Alstom

"BP has used Executive Search Research (ESR) since late 2006 and Christin has been our main contact since the start. In a tough market Christin has provided BP with some excellent candidates and we are very pleased with the services offered by ESR. We look forward to continued cooperation."

  - Anne Siv Egeli, Senior HR Advisor, British Petroleum

"I have used ESR and worked with Christian on several challenging recruitments. Christian is very knowledgeable and dedicated in his work and has supported me in finding the right people often within a short time frame. Christian follows up both employer and employee in a professional manner."

  - Anne Smith-Sivertsen, HR Manager, Parker Hannifin

"We have used Christin for our executive positions and we can highly recommend her to other companies. She delivers quality in time and also do a great research to find out exactly what the client are looking for when it comes to the candidates. We will continue to work with her Company for future positions."

  - Kathleen O. Mathisen, Vice President HR, DOF Subsea

 "ESR has been my dedicated recruiting partner for several years, both at Fugro and Ramboll. ESR has recruited many of our skilled managers and experts, and I have personally been involved in over 30 recruitments where we have enjoyed their wonderful support. I chose ESR because of their expertise and experience within many different industries worldwide, and because they work with large international companies with several disciplines, which is of great importance for us. We can therefore consistentlyuse them as a dedicated recruiting partner within all our disciplines bothnationally as well as internationally.We are very pleased with the recruitment process, where each candidate has been presented in a very professional manner. Throughout the process ESR monitors both us and the candidates very professionally and we are so pleased with ESR that we have recommended them further to other companies. I am looking forward to further cooperation with ESR."

   - Miriam Dagnew, HR Advisor at Fugro,  Recruitment Manager / HR Business Partner at Ramboll

"I have used different search companies but with ESR and Christin it was the first time that all the candidates I met actually were relevant for the position. And we ended up with a good recruitment. The process was very professional, with high quality and with close and good communication during the process. Many years ago I was in the other end, and was contacted by ESR and Christin, and my experience as a candidate was the same as a client. Highly recommended."

   - Benjamin Asplund, Regional Client & Sales Director, Intrum

"We used Christin to assist recruiting for a specialist position Spring 2015. We assumed it would be hard to reach out to all potential candidates through a traditional advertisement. She facilitated a process which generated a short list of qualified candidates. We ended up with one successful candidate which we employed. I am very satisfied with how Christin managed us through the process and with the outcome. I believe we did not miss any opportunities, and ended up with the ideal person for the position."

- Knut Landstad, Quality and Environmental Manager, Ramboll

"Christin did a great job in my last executive search where she provided me with high quality executive candidates. I would recommend her to other companies."

   - Kari Bech-Moen, VP People Management, Telenor

"I have worked with Christian and ESR on several executive search projects for the last 7 years, and give Christian my best recommendation. He is a highly professional headhunter with a very high hit score. As an added value he brings with him a unique skill set of assessing people, providing a very accurate ‘read ‘on the probability of someone being successful or not in their future position. Christian is a trusted vendor who works hard to understand the company’s culture and specific needs. He always delivers beyond expectations. Christian follows up closely throughout the entire recruitment process and is very professional and personable in his approach. His model for executive search and assessment is unique and provides Avinor with excellent results every time."

   - Harald Neset, Change Management, Avinor

"ESR is a very professional company and I have worked with ESR for over two years at Embriq. I´m very impressed with their speedy process and high caliber candidates. They have been instrumental in the build-up of my Consulting Department and have always exceeded my expectations. Their structured and methodical process always succeeds and I give ESR my best recommendations."

    - Kambiz Karimiha, Consulting Director, Embriq

"Christin is a highly competent and reliable headhunter. She always delivers on-time and has candidates with thequalifications required, even for the most challenging positions. She is extremely good at keeping her customers informed at all times."

  - Sigurd Christian Gangnæs, Head of Human Resources, Oras

"I have had the pleasure of working with Christian and ESR for over 7 years, with more than 100 assignments for my clients indifferent industries and all kind of levels, both specialist and executive level positions. I can give Christian and ESR my best recommendations as he always delivered exceptional results in providing me and my clients each and every time with high quality and motivated candidates. I look forward to continue working with Christian for many years to come."

   - Gunnar Sæthre, Partner, Kaluna

"We have worked with Christian on several occasions looking for skilled and talented salespeople. Christian is highly competent and focused on the best possible outcome of the recruitment process for his client."

   - Birger Sundet, Sales Director, Data Respons

"Christin and her team presented a qualified set of candidates to our management position and followed up the process effectively and professionally until success was realized.

   - Bernt Kristian Poulsson, Chief Financial  Officer, Jotne Group

"I have on several occasions used the services of Christian Schoyen (ESR) in recruiting new employees to my company, both in my present job (IT Fornebu) and earlier (Entra). The reason for using ESR in recruiting personnel is their remarkable ability to find the right candidate with just the right personality, ability, and competence for the position. In my judgement ESR excels in being able to understand the needs of my company when looking for a candidate for a position. In spite of very strict demands to competence within a quite narrow field of competence, ESR has time and time again produced a list of candidates who most often surpass my expectations in a positive way. The 6 – 7 searches they have done for me have resulted in 100%satisfying result every time. Not only for me and my company but for the person being recruited. I can strongly recommend the services of Christian Schøyen and ESR."

   - Kjell Otto Larssen, Chief Financial Officer, Entra

"I give Christin and ESR can my very highest recommendations in recruiting the best talents in the market place. I have on many occasions worked with Christin to recruit highly qualified and experienced engineers with leadership skills and I´m very satisfied."

   - Martin Haanes, Development Director, Selvaag Eiendom

"I have used Christin and ESR several times to search for candidates for different kinds of positions. Christin has a professional attitude and does her work with high quality. She does great research to understand our business and the qualifications we’re looking for. She delivers the project with quality in a short amount of time. Christin is a pleasure to work with and I can give her my best recommendations."

   - Bard Konrad Frydenlund, Executive Vice President HR, AF Group

"SafeRoad Group and daughter companies have used Christin and her company for several recruitment assignments. They have done a very good job finding top qualified candidates to our companies. Well done!"

  - Janicke Westlie Driveklepp, Chief Financial Officer, Vartdal Industrier 

"I have worked with Christin several times during my engagement in Bertel O. Steen. During that time she provided us with high quality executive candidates. The processes were on time and executed very professional. I highly recommend Christin Tellefsen and ESR as businesspartner."

  - Stig Skjostad, CEO, Bertel O. Steen

"My company has hired Christin to help us recruit key personnel to both academic and management positions several times. Due to her search methods, we have been connected to highly qualified people every time. She delivers on time, is highly professional, and she provides great value at a reasonable cost. I will give her my best recommendations."

   - Erik Brandt, CEO, Sonans



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